01 Videography Questions

Do I have input in the editing process??

Of Course!! During our consultation, we will find out what is important to you. Our videographers and editors will then work to create a video that is truly yours. We also welcome music requests, or can provide our own. You can customize many parts of your video, or leave everything up to us!

Will my videographer be unobtrusive?

Yes! Our Videographers are specially trained to blend into the background…. And we have been praised for this quality of work over the years. We don't use lights during the ceremony, and with newer HD broadcast cameras, We are able to capture excellent video in lower light conditions.

What formats do you deliver my video on?

We typically Deliver your edited video on DVD and Blu-ray Discs. We can also deliver your highlight on a “Wedding Bottle” Thumb Drive – For easy sharing and viewing on your computer. Optional Raw footage can be delivered on a portable hard drive at an extra charge.

02 Photography Questions

I Love your photography work..can I meet the photographer?

Of course!! We encourage you to find a photographer who’s personality works for you. Before you book with us you can meet our expert photographer.

How many photos do you take?

We typically deliver approximately 100 photos per hour of coverage.

Do I get the rights to my photos?

YES!! unlike most photography companies, we give you the rights to all of your photos. This means you can freely post them online, order prints, and do whatever you would like with them.

03 Sample Questions

How Big is the photobooth??

The Booth is about 3 feet by 6 feet. It nestles nicely into the corner of the room. Our booth blends into any setting, and can be placed in the same room as your reception. Some clients have the booth in a hallway, or next to the bar.

How do I get the pictures?

Two photo strips are printed each time the booth is used. Your Guests can also upload photos directly to facebook, twitter, Email, or texted to their smartphone!

What kind of props do you bring??

We bring everything from sunglasses to rubber chickens!